Meet Lynxi, your content sidekick

Lynxi is the all-in-one Content Management Platform for web designers, marketers and copywriters to kickstart any client project. Lynxi helps you create easy-to-fill briefs, gather client content, generate text with AI, and collaborate in one place, so nothing holds your project back.

We’ll help move your projects forward

Running your own freelance design business can be stressful. Once you find a new client, it can take months to gather the content you need. Even then, important info gets lost in a sea of emails. Who wants to sit around waiting when you’ve got stuff to do?

We started Lynxi to solve these communication gaps and make it easier to gather the content you need and move projects forward. You can even write any missing text with our AI generator, so nothing holds you back. With Lynxi, you’ll have so much fun growing your business that you’ll forget its work.

Let’s do this together!

We believe in you. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you get the content you need.

Less chase. More create.

Collect, create, and manage client content in one place with Lynxi—your content sidekick.