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Lynxi is the all-in-one Content Management Platform for web designers, marketers, and copywriters to kickstart any client project. Lynxi helps you create easy-to-fill briefs, gather client content, generate text with AI, and collaborate in one place, so nothing holds your project back.

See how it works
See how it works
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Our Story

The story that ignited Lynxi


Once upon a digital horizon in 2020, a visionary creator, Eran, embarked on a journey to redefine the experience of onboarding new client business content.

From this bold initiative came the creation of an innovative new platform – Lynxi – your content sidekick. This venture was far more than just another business idea; it represented a dedicated mission to streamline the often-complex task of handling customer content assets and the onboarding process.

A solution that can efficiently collect client content without the hassle of having to search for it through countless email threads, WhatsApp, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more… creating a simple and intuitive Content Hub where all clients’ content resides—Creating form builder with ready-made questions and guidelines for clients to fill out intuitively, thus eliminating the need to start from scratch in every new project. Such a solution should facilitate content approval without chasing clients and provide better visibility of the entire process.

The vision behind Lynxi was clear: to establish a dynamic, efficient, highly functional, and pleasant client content management platform. What distinguishes Lynxi in a crowded marketplace is the genuine passion that fuels its development – a passion for crafting an environment where web designers, copywriters, and marketing agencies can effortlessly find and use diverse services and information tailored to their needs.

Streamlined Client Content Management

From Stress to Success

Let’s be real – waiting is for buses, not for creative minds like yours. Lynxi ensures you’re not twiddling your thumbs by enabling you to write any missing text with our AI generator. No more holding back; your projects move forward at your pace. Say goodbye to the months-long content-gathering ordeal. Lynxi swoops in like a superhero, making it a breeze to create all the necessary forms, gather client content, and generate text with our nifty AI. It’s time to transform your business from a stressful hustle to a joyful journey.

How does Lynxi simplify client onboarding?

Lynxi understands that time is money. By offering a one-stop solution for web designers, copywriters, and marketing agencies, Lynxi significantly streamlines project workflows. With easy-to-fill briefs, content gathering, and AI-generated text, tasks that usually take months can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. Fast-track your projects, meet deadlines, and watch your ROI soar.

How does Lynxi improve collaboration efficiency?

Lynxi enhances collaboration by providing a unified platform for clients and team members to interact, comment, and approve, eliminating the challenges associated with scattered feedback. Thanks to advanced checklists and organised structure, managing project resources is adaptable to your needs, all in one collaborative workspace.

What makes Lynxi AI stand out in writing content?

Lynxi AI is designed to generate customised content for clients, providing a unique and efficient approach to crafting compelling narratives. Need to fill in the missing text? Let the AI handle it. Efficient content creation reduces the time spent on producing every word manually. This frees up your valuable time and enhances the overall quality of your content. Engaging, AI-generated text means more impactful communication and a higher ROI.

Human Expertise for Specialised Content

When the human touch is paramount, Lynxi offers the flexibility to elevate your content with the expertise of a professional copywriter. While our AI is designed to enhance the content creation process, we understand that certain projects demand a level of specialisation and nuance that only a human writer can provide. Should your project require a more tailored or industry-specific approach, Lynxi empowers you to order content seamlessly from a professional copywriter.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Happy clients are often repeat clients. Lynxi’s dedication to client satisfaction ensures your clients have a positive, user-friendly experience. When clients find it easy to work with you, they’re more likely to return for future projects, refer others to your services, and contribute to a positive brand image – all of which directly impact your ROI.

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